Room parents are one of the many ways we connect with you at MMS. Our school community is very busy, with activities for people of all ages (including adults!), so emails and text messages from your room parent are a couple ways of gathering information. Don’t be afraid to contact your room parent with any and all questions. He/she can be your “mentor” if you are new to the school, or a conduit to becoming more involved in your child’s school.

Take time to introduce yourself to this year’s (2022-2023) volunteer room parents:



Children’s House East

Joshua Boston & Lance Scutchfield

Children’s House North

Heidi Smith

Children’s House West

Betzi Lievens

Lower Elementary East

Robyn Foisy

Lower Elementary West

Lori Atherton

Upper Elementary East

Melissa Raymer

Upper Elementary West

Stevie Ray McGlathery

Middle School

Michelle Hassett

High School

Michelle Grider