“The science of Peace, were it to become a special discipline, would be the most noble of all, for the very life of humanity depends on it.  So, also perhaps, does the question of whether our entire civilization evolves or disappears.”  – Dr. Maria Montessori

Dr. Montessori was a strong advocate for peace.  She believed that the education of children was the key to future peace.  “Avoiding war is the work of politics, establishing peace is the work of education” is one of the basic tenets of Maria Montessori.  Her vision was the reconstruction of society and the establishment of world peace through education, especially of children.  She believed that world peace could be attained if we teach peace to our students and children. Montessori education is rooted in peace teachings, and encourages others to be tolerant of all. 

Each year Meadow Montessori celebrates International Day of Peace, along with the world, on September 21.

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