Parking Lot Protocol

Parking Lot Information for MMS Buildings
  • No U-turns.  Please continue around the lot in a counter-clockwise direction after picking up or dropping off at the Early Childhood Building.
  • Students and staff are frequently in the parking lot, so they rely on drivers to be free of distractions. Please end cell phone calls before entering the parking lot and/or car line, and remember not to text and drive.
  • Please do park in the lot if you must come to a building to pick up your child.  Do not park, or leave your car unattended, in the pick-up lanes.
  • When rounding the bend in the lot during pickup line, please stay as far right as possible so exiting parents may pass on your left. We understand snow berms can make this somewhat difficult in the winter, and we appreciate your patience if you happen to get ‘stuck’ in a temporarily narrowed car line.
  • The center drive is two-way traffic. Please do not block this drive or make sudden swerves into/out of the pickup line.
  • There is a crosswalk between buildings and it is used frequently. Please obey the stop signs when entering and exiting.
  • The portico is a drop-off only area.  Regardless of the time of day, please do not park or leave your car in this area unattended. The Early Childhood greeter is happy to help you “unload” your child/ren so you can make way for the next family. If you must leave your car, even briefly, please park in the lot.
  • The portico at the Early Childhood Building is a one-lane drive—there is no room for two cars to park nor pass side-by-side.
Please share this information with anyone who will be picking up or dropping off your child.
Thank you for making the parking lot a safe place for students, staff, families, and fowl.

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