All parents of students at Meadow Montessori School are members of the Parent Guild.  The Guild provides the opportunity for parents to support the school administration, the staff, and the students.  The core values of the Parent Guild are communication, compassion, community, respect and transparency. The Parent Guild promotes the interests of Meadow Montessori School through parental participation in fundraising activities and volunteer programs. The Parent Guild has a representative who sits on the Board of Trustees.

This robust group of parents and other family members is a valuable part of the Meadow Montessori community.

Parent Guild Mission Statement

The Meadow Montessori Parent Guild’s mission is to promote a positive, respectful, and engaged school community. We are the voice of the parent community as well as the partner to the Board of Trustees, Head of School, Staff and Teachers. We support the mission, vision, and values of Meadow Montessori School’s commitment to enrich the lives of our children and ourselves.

The Parent Guild can be reached here