Academic Successes


On Testing

At Meadow Montessori School, we practice a unique strategy when it comes to testing.  We believe testing is defined as observing, assessing, measuring, and analyzing.  By that definition, we test every day, at all levels.  Teachers at Meadow Montessori School are trained in child development, therefore they know precisely where in the spectrum our young people lie.  

Meadow Montessori School uses the Brigance assessment for children in the early childhood program and the Iowa nationally standardized test for students in 1st through 9th grade. Additionally, high school students take the Michigan Merit Test (MME) in 11th grade. Our high school students also take the ACT and/or SAT for college admissions, and high school students participate in the College Board Advanced Placement testing.  

We have empirical evidence.  The longer students are in our program, the better they do on standardized testing. Each year, 40% – 60% of 5th through 9th grade students qualify for the prestigious Midwest Talent Search.

Our most recent elementary and secondary Iowa scores can be found here: 2017 Iowa Scores.

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