The Nest is filled with unconditional love and acceptance. This is a crucial time, as your infant’s mind is sensitive to his/her surroundings. The Nest stimulates the infant socially and intellectually through a variety of objects in the classroom that are significant for their relationship to the infant’s scale within a space. A deep understanding of the Montessori method allows teachers to understand a child’s rhythmic patterns of physical activities as well as mind developments.

Infants primarily learn through their senses, so in order to promote sensorial learning, they require the freedom to observe and navigate within their classroom environment. The job of the infant specialist is to communicate with the infant in a meaningful way, which requires the specialist to be very much aware of both verbal and non-verbal communication strategies.

The overall goal of the infant program is to help infants gain some level of control and independence over their world. Independence is achieved through the infants taking an active role in their own self-care, developing effective ways to communicate with those around them, and gaining the confidence to navigate the world with confidence and to enjoy the explorative process.

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