In February 2023, a group of Meadow Montessori students, staff, and families traveled to Tanzania, Africa to explore, learn, and support the Habari Foundation. Thanks to MMS students Layla Hickman and Matthew Torio, this partnership continues to grow.

A note from Head of School, Catharine Calder.

Seeing the world is an education, and our students saw many different worlds when they traveled to Tanzania over Winter Break. They interacted with people in large cities, small towns, and tiny rural villages. They met people who continue to live as hunter/gatherers and others who are pastoralists and nomads in our modern world.

Most of the people in small villages—including children in schools—don’t have running water and/or electricity. They often rely on a single light generated by a small solar panel. Classrooms are simple—to say the least.

Our students painted and played. Hopefully, they made a small impact on a handful of children in two village schools—one in a very remote mountain area. They left behind a brighter classroom, lots of school supplies, toys, and sweets. We came away with a treasure trove of memories and a new understanding that the world is filled with many ways of life.

When I asked students about their experiences, the responses surprised me. Although the students saw people who had very few material possessions, they saw happiness. Happiness comes from interacting with other people and it was evident in Tanzania. We, too, are happiest when we put down our phones, stop worrying about what we will buy next, and engage in real interactions with family and friends.

For those who would like to support the Habari Foundation, donations can be made directly to Meadow Montessori School via cash, check, or through our online payment portal. Donations to MMS are tax-deductible (as a US 501c-3 organization).

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