Board of Trustees


The members of the Meadow Montessori Board of Trustees generously give their services without remuneration, to create a fine educational opportunity in the community of Monroe.

The decision in 1984 to establish Meadow Montessori School as a not-for-profit school with tax-exempt status under the direction of a Board of Trustees was a conscious one. The school was not to be, nor could it have been, the work of one person. We are alive and well because of the efforts and insights of a group of people, representing various segments of the Monroe community.

President –                                     Coady Torio

Vice-President –                           Dan Pienta

Secretary -Treasurer-                 Heidi Burroughs

Parent Guild Representative –  Christine Baisden

Alumni Representative –           Emily Gorowski

Trustee –                                       Thomas Dunham

Trustee –                                       Andrew Karpenko

Trustee –                                       Helen Kourous Harrigan

Trustee –                                       Hobby Nels

Trustee –                                       Sara Preston

Trustee –                                      Will Raymer

Trustee –                                      Jeanne Schall

Trustee –                                      Debbie Shah

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