Meadow’s Toddler program is designed for children from the age of eighteen months to three years. At the toddler level, less of an emphasis is placed on materials and curriculum. Instead, teachers focus on aiding toddlers in their early explorations of the world around them. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the development of gross motor and language skills.

Key Points of Development For Toddlers Advancing to Preschool

Child-sized objects and furniture encourage an environment where the child can develop skills of independence, self-care and creativity. The teachers observe and follow the child in order to allow him/her to develop new and improved strategies for interpreting and relating to our environment.

Parents can enroll their toddler in either the three-day or five-day program; both programs operate from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. If parents choose the former option, they should schedule their child for consecutive days, as this schedule proves to be most optimal for this age group.

In preparation for preschool, the toddler child will have learned the necessary social, verbal, and motor skills to communicate with this older age group. These language skills will prove especially important because at the next level, they will be more formally introduced to the symbolic elements of language, such as handwriting and basic literacy skills.

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