High School

MMS High School is designed for young adults between the ages of 15-18 (10th-12th grade). Maria Montessori didn’t “design” a program for high school students, but she did establish the philosophical foundation to build one. Over the past twenty years, Montessori high schools have sprouted up around the world, with only a handful here in the United States. Our program is on the forefront of defining what a Montessori high school should be.

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As a college preparatory school, we are constantly looking for new and improved ways to prepare our students for that next academic step in their lives. Starting in their 10th grade year, students who have exhibited the necessary academic maturity are offered the opportunity to enroll in college courses at Monroe County Community College. College classes expand their academic environment, and they also give students a glimpse into what it takes to succeed at the next level.

Travel is a major way that the high school program encourages global thinking. Recent trips have included a trip to Berlin, Germany that complemented the AP European History class that many of our students were taking that year.
As a college preparatory program, MMS High School offers a rigorous academic program; the courses are designed with two goals in mind: to challenge students intellectually and to promote a love of learning. Each year, at least two Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered. AP courses are especially challenging and are taught at the college-level. Each spring, AP students take the AP exam. Students who receive a three or higher on the exam often earn college credit.

Beyond our AP offerings, students are required to take a mathematics course each year. Class placement is determined based upon the student’s individual ability. Typically, the high school program offers at least three math courses, ranging from Algebra II and Geometry all the way up to Pre-Calculus and Calculus. Our Science program is equally rigorous. The standard subject areas of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are offered yearly. MMS varies its offerings a bit as well. In the past two years, students have had the option of taking an AP Environmental Science course and also a course in Biology. Several of our students have experienced a great deal of success in taking science courses at Monroe County Community College.

Students are also required to take four years of literature courses. Oftentimes, the literature curriculum is designed to complement our history curriculum. Our literature classes are designed to aid students in developing the necessary reading comprehension and writing skills in order for them to succeed in humanities courses at the university level. Students are required to study history for at least three years; however, given the importance of the subject matter, we strongly encourage students to take a history classes each year.

High school students are required to take a Foreign Language class each year. We currently offer Spanish and Chinese. MMS has a large, dedicated music staff and offers instructions in strings, woodwinds, and vocal music. Students are required to choose an instrument to study each year and also receive vocal music training. Art classes, while not mandatory, are offered as an elective as well.

MMS High School allows our students to have an active voice in the learning process, which simply means that the High School staff not only listens to the students’ input but also takes it seriously. Students often request courses that interest them, and the staff does its best to meet such requests.

The high school program has had tremendous success in placing students in excellent universities. A unique component of the MMS program is called “The Start Something New Program.” Upon graduation, high school seniors are required to complete an individual project that benefits either the school or larger community.

The high school community is small, which ensures that faculty members are able to keep tabs on individual students and help them through any problems that might arise. It is through respecting the individual student’s interests and goals and through offering daily academic and practical life challenges that MMS High School ensures that each class of students is prepared for whatever opportunities or challenges await them at the next level of learning.


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