MMS has a long history of commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices. Care and attention to our planet is part of our daily practices.

  • We use recyclable or washable (reusable) items (dishes, towels, napkins) whenever possible. Each classroom has recycling bins.
  • We provide a recycling center for our entire community.
  • We have several compost piles for weeds and food scraps.
  • We grow many of our own vegetables in organic garden beds.
  • We maintain a greenhouse in order to grow vegetables throughout the winter.
  • We raise chickens and enjoy their eggs at breakfast and snack.
  • We use environmentally sensitive cleaning supplies.
  • We have rain barrels to capture rain water for use in our garden beds.
  • We created and maintain a campus Monarch Butterfly Waystation.
  • We started and organically maintain honeybee hives on our campus.

MMS has been honored for its environmental efforts:

  • The State of Michigan has designated MMS as a Michigan Green School each year since 2010, earning the highest designation of Evergreen School since 2013.
  • The Science Alliance for Valuing the Environment (S.A.V.E.) at Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio named MMS the Eco School of the year in 2010.
  • S.A.V.E honored Rob Peven, director of our Farm Program, the Eco Teacher of the Year in 2012.
  • The Farm Bureau of Michigan named Catharine Calder, Head of School and teacher, the Michigan Educator of the Year in 2008.

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