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Amy Arnold

Art Teacher

Amy Arnold is our energetic, creative, and very passionate Art Teacher here at Meadow Montessori School.  Amy studied art education through the University of Toledo where her classes were held at the Toledo Museum of Art. She’d find herself strolling through the galleries at the museum in between her classes.  “Walking through the Art Museum, and seeing these different artists’ work and their mediums, and discovering the different artists’ histories and then feeling this amazing energy through the artist’s work, was completely aspiring. All your senses just come alive and it brings out creativity from within, beyond just our eyes.”

For over 25 years, Amy has been teaching art through her business, Art is Amy. “I started my business when my daughter Liz, and son Mitch were very little. Every day was an art day; and as I began creating art in my home, friends and family would want the same in theirs. It evolved after I received a call one day from a show on T.V. called “That’s Clever” on HGTV. They wanted me to do a spot on their show. A crew, with a producer, came to my home and filmed myself and my family as I made items and taught to a team of people and a camera that was viewed across the country.  That took me by surprise and was a pretty amazing experience and a stepping stone that helped me get here. At the time, my business was solely artful solutions for businesses and homes throughout Southeastern Michigan.  But after that, I couldn’t help but want to teach children and adults and be a part of helping to get the creative energy flowing. But this is not where art began with me, it began a long time ago when I was a child.”

“My father was an artist. I watched and embraced every moment he spent creating. I could see how it brought out this twinkle in his eyes and this sense of excitement as it evolved.  I studied his brushstrokes and blending from a pencil and those were incredible to watch, but the most incredible thing I witnessed every time, was watching what this art brought out of him, it was magical!

I am very excited to work with your children through art. I love being a part of imaginations at work and I love helping people find it within themselves, that’s the best part, bringing it out as there are no limits or mistakes in art!”  I am honored and humbled to be in this position to inspire the next generation and to imagine and dream of a world that we create.

“We have no limits to our world. We’re only limited by our imagination.”

                                                                                                            Bob Ross

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