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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Activities & Clubs

Meadow Montessori School is a full service school. For many of our students – young and old – it is a home away from home, and we strive to create environments that are rich in ideas, art, and the comforts of home.

Before and after school activities are available, and our school is a lively place from morning to night. Although our club and activities change seasonally and from year-to-year, MMS is always a place for learning and friendship. Please see the current offerings in the left hand column.

The Meadow Larks

The Meadow Larks is a literary magazine produced and written by students that seeks to celebrate art and creativity. Combining the voices and talents of many young artists, each magazine is bursting with original art pieces, writing, essays, and poems. Each piece is selected to accurately reflect what the world looks like from the point of view of children... Or in other words, the next generation that hold the power for change.

Edition-1 06/2015


Peer Tutoring
MMS offers a student-tutoring program for all students in our elementary program. Not only do the younger students have the benefit of a tutor, the older middle school students have the opportunity to help a younger student and, at the same time, develop some important teaching skills.

A parent requests a tutor for his/her child, and then the middle school staff matches a tutor to the student. Parents and students sign a contract, stipulating the time and frequency of tutoring, and the tutor receives remuneration ($5 a half hour) paid directly to him/her. Many of our middle school students use the money they year through tutoring to help cover the costs of their travel.
Click here to download/print a copy of the Peer Tutoring Form



Teacher Tutoring
Many of our staff members tutor current MMS students, former MMS students, and/or students from other schools.
Click here to download/print a copy of the Teacher Tutoring Form

For more information please contact Whitney Bednarz at:



All MMS Students are Invited to Join 4-H!!!

(*If you are 7 years or older)
4-H ~ 2013-2014

What is 4-H?
4-H is a volunteer, out of school, educational organization for boys and girls. 4-H Youth Development is delivered locally and operated at the state and national levels through a partnership among county governments, Michigan State University Extension and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Private individuals, businesses and foundations also provide financial support for 4-H.

Why should my child join?
It’s fun! Also, involvement in 4-H can help kids explore new ideas, experience a variety of new opportunities, and build skills designed to help them achieve. For older teens, 4-H offers opportunities to set goals, develop strategies to reach those goals, and lead by sharing their skills, knowledge, and talents to make their communities stronger.

What do they do in 4-H?
The MMS 4-H Club meets once a month after school. Adult volunteer leaders work with the members each month on different activities, including crafts, written and oral communications, community service, etc. State- and county-wide 4-H activities are also offered throughout the year. In addition, members may choose to take on projects at home, such as gardening, cooking, and/or various animal science projects, including the raising/training of pocket pets, rabbits, cats, dogs, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, or even cows.

Then, the first week of August, we take our projects to the Monroe County Fair. Arts and Crafts and other projects that have been completed throughout the year can be entered for judging and are then placed on display throughout Fair week. Animals may also be entered and shown throughout the week (contact Darcy Piedmonte for more information about animal opportunities).

How do we join?
Complete and return the 4-H Enrollment Form. Our club also collects $20 per member to cover expenses for the year. You may either send in a check written to Meadow Montessori, or we can charge your ledger. ($10 from every member goes directly to MSUE.) We also ask that each member sell a box of candy ($1 per candy bar; $52.00 total) to help support our club, as well as our local Council and District.

What are the age restrictions?
In Monroe County, 4-H is open to young people aged 7 through 19. Your 4-H age is your age on January 1 of the calendar year. The programs are designed with respect for the physical, cognitive (thinking), social and emotional development of youth. Seven- and 8-year olds are called “Explorers.” Participation at this level is considered introductory and their activities have a non-competitive focus.

How can I help?
Participate with your child — help with projects, attend outside activities with them, etc. Better yet, sign up to be a Project Leader and help the club with projects throughout the year, or help us with other organizational needs.

Why should I be a leader?
It’s a great chance to be involved with your child(ren), and multiple studies have shown that the more involved we are, the better off our children are in the long run. It also helps to balance the workload with other adult volunteers — the more adults we have, the easier it is for everyone. And, as an added bonus, active Adult Leaders get into the Fair for free.

For more information please contact Darcy Piedmonte at:

World Music

World Music

World Music offers beginning to advanced string and percussion players an opportunity to explore folk music from all parts of the world. The children (and adults are welcome, too) play together on Wednesday afternoons from October — mid-May. If and when appropriate, the group will take advantages of performance opportunities.

Robin Bloomberg, an experienced musician, conductor, teacher, and founder of Team Fiddler, leads the group.

For more information please contact Robin Bloomberg at:


Suki Dasher offers Ceramics classes after school on Fridays, and she is willing to add more classes as needed. Each session is approximately two hours long, and Suki is open to teaching all ages, including adults.

Fees cover the cost of instruction and materials and vary depending on how many classes one takes in a session. Each session is six weeks long.

Please contact Paula Smoot ( for more information.


Yoga classes are available to both children and adults after school and on Saturday mornings.

Diane Ausmus, a trained children’s yoga instructor, conducts classes for children between the ages of 3 — 5 years-old, as well as children 5 — 9 years-old. The schedule of classes changes, so please contact Paula Smoot ( for specific information.

Kelli Harrington offers two yoga classes for adults each week. Kelli is a well-known and highly respected yoga teacher who is invited to give workshops throughout the United States. MMS is fortunate to have someone of Kelli’s expertise in our community.

Generally, adult yoga classes are Wednesday afternoon, 4:15 — 5:15, and Saturday morning, 8:30 — 10:00, but please contact Paula Smoot ( for specific information.

Running Club

Running Club

Running Club is a non-competitive running group that meets once a week from November — June. Running club begins after the cross-country season ends and lasts during the winter and spring. Anya McCormick is the group leader and takes runners through woods and trails, stopping to explore along the way. This club is part of the ETC program.

For more information please contact Anya McCormick at:

Knitting Club

Knitting Club is exactly what it says – a chance for children (and adults) to get together to learn to knit or practice their knitting skills. The club meets on Mondays beginning March 11th through April29th.

A one time fee of $30 is required. Tatiana Howard teaches children (and adults) simple knitting stitches.
Special opportunities for advanced knitters.

For more information please contact Tatiana Howard at: