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Meadow Montessori - Education for a Better World.
Meadow Montessori - Education for a Better World.
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I was talking today to someone about my son and the decisions that he’s making and how those decision will affect the rest if his life. As I talked about how I wish I would have done things differently as a parent – as I am sure thousands of other parents have done – I realized that the only one was wishing I would have started him off in Montessori.

If my son would have begun his education at a Montessori school, I believe the qualities he really needs as this moment would be more fully developed – the ability to think for himself and accept his choices. The foundation of an excellent early childhood program cannot be re-created once those years have passed. As a parent of a graduating child soon to graduate, I wish I had given him the life-long benefits of starting him with a Montessori foundation.